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PVC skinning foaming board extrusion line

PVC skinning foaming board extrusion line

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PVC skinning foaming board extrusion line

PVC Skining foaming board extrusion line adopts Celuka foaming technology.Compared with PVC free foaming board, PVC skining foaming board not only has much more smooth surface, but also the hardness is better. In additon, mechanics performance of skining foaming board is better than that of free foaming board.PVC skining foaming board extrusion line is composed of conical twin-screw extruder, die, vacuum calibration unit, ten hall-off unit and so on, our company can provide the formula and all the processing techniques. This machine has the features of high output, stable extrusion, high foaming, smooth and wearable surface.By equipping with the printing machine, laminating machine or hot stamping machine, this machine can produce different kinds of artificial wood products, so that this machine has a very wide application range.


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