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PVC PVDC Cling Film Etrusion Line

PVC PVDC Cling Film Etrusion Line

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PVC,PVDC Cling Film Etrusion Line

 PVC Cling Film Application

Cling film is one king of plastic package of fresh food in daily life; it has suitable oxygen and moisture permeability to regulate the oxygen and moisture content around the fresh food, separating the dust in the air to prolong the fresh period. PVC cling film has good performance of high and low temperature resistance, and also transparency, stretch-ability and viscosity. As it is cheap, the PVC film has become one inseparable part of normal life or fresh food packaging.

PVDC cling film application

PVDC cling film has widely usage, as it has the performance of high and low temperature resistance, it could meet he requirement of food package not only keeping in the refrigerator, but also for package heating in the microwave; and it is one frequently-used package material in developed country. PVDC is good in retaining freshness and preventing the moisture evaporating. 

GWELL developed new type of PVC cling film extrusion line, with 3 station, 4 station automatic winder,

the machine capacity is around 250-350kg/h

Film width(mm)150018002100
Film thickness(mm)0.01-0.0150.01-0.0150.01-0.015
Max capacity(kg/h)250350450
Line speed(m/min)250250250